Libel Lawsuit

Libel Lawsuit

The Philip Morris Company files a $10 billion libel lawsuit against reporter John Martin, producer Walter Bogdanich and the ABC network over a story that aired a few several weeks previously on ABC’s “Day One” program. The story claimed the tobacco industry adds nicotine to its cigarettes to make them more addictive.24 (In truth, the tobacco companies do not add nicotine to cigarettes but, rather, are aware of how to remove nicotine and opt not to.25) Later this same day, ABC shelves a documentary by producer Martin Koughan about the tobacco industry, even though it had already been cleared by the network’s editorial and legal departments. The documentary never airs.2627

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Taking on Big Tobacco

New York Times reporter Walt Bogdanich talks about Philip Morris' $10 billion lawsuit against him and the American Broadcasting Companies for his reporting on how tobacco companies add nicotine to cigarettes.

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