Pressure At CBS

Pressure At CBS

Lawyers with the CBS network tell producers of “60 Minutes” to stop reporting a story about tobacco whistleblower Jeffery Wigand. The lawyers say Wigand signed a nondisclosure agreement with his former tobacco-industry employer, and if CBS broadcasts its interview with Wigand, the company might face a billion-dollar lawsuit for “tortious interference” — persuading someone to break a legal contract. Wigand’s statements in his interview may open Laurence Tisch’s son, Andrew, the CEO of Lorillard, to perjury charges for his testimony before Congress a year earlier.31

Affiliations (past and present)



Inside CBS

Lowell Bergman learned that Westinghouse, the parent company of CBS News, was more interested in protecting the company’s assets than in airing a controversial story that he produced for "60 Minutes" about a tobacco company.

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