Investigating Power Investigating Power

Bob Woodward Dana Priest James Steele and Donald Barlett Moses Newson Christiane Amanpour

Observations about journalism by some of the most distinguished American reporters and editors of the past half century.
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Civil Rights: Freedom Rides Bus The McCarthy Years: Senator Joseph McCarthy UH-1D Helicopter taking off with troops crawling below in Vietnam Richard Nixon closeup of men shaking hands Post 9/11: U.S. soldiers escorting a prisoner

Short documentaries about specific moments in contemporary U.S. history in which independent, original reporting spoke truth to power.
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View interactive timelines of major events covered in the U.S.
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Charles Lewis

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New Site Chronicles Greatest Investigative Reporting

"Well, now there is an online site, called Investigating Power...It's a big, online archive where we can hear and see these interviews with all kinds of reporters. And some of them are - obviously, Woodward and Bernstein, and Dana Priest, from the Washington Post. These are terrific reporters."